Saturday, March 3, 2012

Heather Ross Haul!

I went a bit overboard with the fabric purchasing last week- to be fair, I was making sales left and right at my Etsy store, so I could afford it! Here is my lovely new collection of fabric- 6 Heather Ross FQs in the background, plus a nice lovely bit of Atsuko Matsuyama teacups from ayumills on Etsy, who was lovely enough to grab this last little piece from her stash just for me! (It's not actually that little- I don't remember how much she said it was, but there will be plenty of it to go around when I figure out what I actually want to do with it!) Then I have my happy little scrap pile. Don't you just love it when you get a little extra with your packages?

I have a 4.5 half-yard bundle still on its merry way, but after that, there will be NO MORE fabric purchases this month. No personal purchases at all, actually! I've put a spending embargo on myself, so that I can save up for a trip that I may or may not actually be taking to NYC in April, to attend Heather Ross's Photoshop for fabric design class! It would be a collective birthday present from just about everyone in my family, but we still haven't been able to figure out 100% whether it would work. I sure hope it does!

I also have some new fabric up for swap on Flickr, so go check it out! For designer prints, I only have these two Jennifer Paganelli, but I also have some very interesting vintage stuff I got for free!

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